Laboratory of Analysis and Processing of Medical and Dental Images
Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos - Universidade de São Paulo
Main concluded researches

Image Processing

. Clustered microcalcifications detection in digitized mammograms;

. Development of a breast images database for processing;

. Investigation on digital images format and compression for dense breast images processing;

. Microcalcifications segmentation techniques in dense breast images;

. Masses segmentation techniques in dense breast images;

. Masses classification in dense breast images by wavelets transform;

. Algorithms for detecting shapes and details of pathological interest in radiographic images;

. CAD schemes for suspect structures detection in digital mammograms;

. Development of automatic classifiers based on artificial neural networks for CAD scheme in mammography;

Quality assurance

. Analysis of X-rays beams quality in mammographic facilities by development of kVp measurement digital systems;

. Computer simulation for evaluating radiological image systems by the transfer function method;

. Computer simulation of the radiologic images sharpness for quality assurance purposes;

. Computerized device for investigation of operational parameters and focal spot of radiographic systems;

. Computer simulation for investigating the half-value layer;

. Computer simulation of mammographic images recording systems;


. Tool for aiding the training in mammographic images evaluation by Internet ;

. Study of the field characteristic in radiologic image systems;

. A quality relative index for evaluation of radiographic systems by the MTF method;

. Quality investigations on digital radiological systems by the MTF method;

. Studies on the mammographic image density changes during the menstrual cycle;

. Technique for asymmetry analysis in digital mammographic images;

Main researches in development

. Computer-aided diagnosis scheme in mammography associated to an image quality assurance program;

. Investigations on digital mammography images quality;

. Optical transfer function simulation applied to mammographic images processing;

. Hybrid automatic classifiers designed to analysis of mammographic findings in dense breast images processing;

. Computer scheme for quality evaluation in diagnostic radiology;

. Techniques for false positive rates reduction in CAD schemes in mammography;

. Ultra-sound obstetric images 3D reconstruction;

. Quality evaluation of odontological radiological equipment;

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